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No More School For Me

Beautiful poem!
Way to go Frank!!

Frank Solanki

They make me wake up early
When I should be sleeping instead
The sun hasn’t raised his head
But I’m already out of my bed
I go through the motions
Like a ritual, everyday
I dream about the weekends
But they’re always far away
I wish I could find a formula to make myself grow
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

All sorts of people fill that place
My friends, they are friendly
The bullies, they all bully
And they all do their jobs so perfectly
Mr. Vain, he is kind
Miss Confused, she is nice
But when I ask them a question
They fill me up with lies
And all sorts of nonsensical stuff, at me, they throw
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

There are so many other things
I’d rather be…

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To the Seeker

The illusionist said, to the curious seeker,
To know this trick, you have to look deeper,
For it is my job, to show you what is not,
So you don’t get to see, how I got what I got.

So don’t look closely at the dart when I say,
And don’t say boldly that you know what I may,
Cause the trick is played with the board not the darts,
The trick is played with you, not the cards.

And o seeker don’t be low when it’s gone,
For it was an illusion that will be back when it’s dawn,
And don’t be sad that the pigeon vanish may,
Cause pigeons don’t vanish in a pile or hump of hay.

So learn my friend not to see what is shown.
See my friend not to find what is known.
Find my friend not to teach but to know.
Teach my friend not to gain but to show.

~Saahil Tyagi

कुछ इस तरह

पुष्प ख़ुश्क सी चली हवा,
दीवानगी की बनी फ़िज़ा।
साँसों में ये कैसा नशा,
आँखों में ये कैसा मज़ा।

चमक नमक सी हर जगह,
जगमगा गया सारा जहाँ।
चाँदनी में बस गया,
चाशनी सा ये समां।

झूठ मूठ का सिलसिला,
चलने लगा अब हर जगह।
ख़्वाब में मैं पीने लगा,
उस रात में जीने लगा।

देख नेक सी तितलियाँ,
उड़ती थी जो, अब सब जगह।
रंगों का अब ये कारवाँ,
छाने लगा कुछ इस तरह।

सिर फिरा सा कुछ कहा,
तूने मुझे ए हमनमा।
जो भी था वो शब्दे बयान,
मुझे दे गया वो रास्ता।

तोड़ मोड़ के कह दिया,
हमने भी कुछ जानेजहाँ।
उस दिन से मैं जीने लगा,
इस दिन तो तू सीने लगा।

~साहिल त्यागी
३ जनवरी २०१६

Some are one

To some it is a myth,
To some a reality-
To some it is a rift,
With inherent duality.

Some see this gift,
As a guardians sceptre-
Some dismiss it,
As a sword with nectar.

For some it is,
A way of life-
For some,
A loss of might.

Some see it,
As one and only-
Some seek it,
When low and lonely.

Some see at night,
Some in the day-
Some see the light,
Some just the way.

Some see the truth,
Some just a lie-
Some live forever,
Some rather die.

Some paint it green,
Some paint it red-
Some live on greed,
Some live on bread.

Some sum as one,
Some sum may two-
Some pick the gun,
Some do unto.

Some have done,
And some will do-
Some is me,
And some is you.

~Saahil Tyagi

Dyslexia ?

I don’t think you get it. It’s not a disability. *surprised face*
It’s an ability! To see the world differently.

We see the world as a picture. Imagine you stare at a wall without thinking for an half and hour. Then your image starts to blur and a second layer comes over it. A layer of imagination..

That layer makes many things possible. Like seeing your profound thoughts and applying them to your world through our imagination. Some live in the imagination to enjoy it. Some create it for real. Just trace over it 😉
Reading is just a small part. The difference is, that you read to imagine; we start to imagine the paper and the wonderful textual drawing on it. 😀 that doesn’t do much for reading ;P but we find our way with that too. You only know dyslexic people when they are in school. Don’t you? 😏 Where the competition is about who can read better. That’s how you truly measure humans? 😄

I just can’t explain to you. Mostly because you haven’t lived it. We see both lives, yours and ours. We live both of them too. We are much more than you – can ever be..

I can be

This man I see This man I be
That man – this man
And the one I cannot see
Tatman or batman
Or the one I cannot be
Which man – mad man
Do you see in me?

True Type

Once upon a time,
Where the gravel was sere.
There lived a man,
In the northern hemisphere.

He believed in you-
He believed in me-
He believed in fairy tales,
We-re meant to be.

He wrote a rhyme,
A rhyme or two.
As it went,
Ta da do do do-

Ta da do do do?
Ti di do do do-
He never knew,
If she had it too.

What is it in you,
What is it I see.
What is it what is it-
What will it be.

A song he thought,
From a lovers heart-
Would always make,
his lover dart.

But he sang and sang’
And sang some more,
Whistling and hoping and-
Knocking the door.

Come out he said
Don’t hide inside.
You’re in my head,
Please ride beside.

I’m not too fine,
Oh pick of mine.
I think of you-
At the tick of time.

And the time is right,
And the time is near.
So to revere,
Would you volunteer?

Where the gravel was sere,
In the northern hemisphere-
There lived a man
Did you know him, dear?


Your eyes are true and lovely too,
Like a soulmate’s, dipped in honey dew.
Enchanting me in a day dream,
Engulfing me in a love theme.